Sunday, February 14, 2016

Peoplesoft 9.2 with Tools 8.55.01 Image #16 using DPK

With Image#16 Oracle changed the way installing Peoplesoft in virtual machine and also support for installation in Native windows OS.

Brief Overview of Installing Image #16 using DPK(Deployment Packages) in Virtual Box image.

  1. Download all the zip files from oracle (total 15 files)
  2. Extract all zip folder into one folder (e.g.: DPK_INSTALL)
  3. Import VBOX_8_55_01_SHELL.ova into virtual box
  4. Once imported add DPK_INSTALL as shared folder in virtual box (mandatory)
  5. Start virtual machine and prompts for various input option db name, ip address, host name ..etc.

when compared to earlier images using DPK the installation took significantly more time(5 to 6 hours
with my config : MBP 2012, I7, 16GB , 750GB

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