Thursday, December 24, 2009

Application Designer Changes 8.49 to 8.50

1. Radio button label changes allow you to change or set radio button labels dynamically with PeopleCode.

2. Free form stylesheets are text-based sub style sheets that enable you to take advantage of Cascading Style Sheets– Level 2 (CSS2), AJAX, and DHTML features. With a free form sub style sheet, you can create the style sheet in a third-party editor and then copy the style sheet text into the Free Form tab of the free form sub style sheet definition.

3. The Command Line Password Prompt eliminates the requirement of entering the password argument as clear text in the command line by presenting the user with a dialog box to enter the password. This is useful when using the command line to access the PSIDE.EXE executable (Application Designer), if you do not include the - CP argument.

4. Grids now include a summary attribute for tables and pages that enable developers to provide a brief description of the functionality and content of the grid or scroll area. This property is pertinent for end users running screen readers.
Active hyperlinks on display only pages adds the “Enable When Page is Display Only” property to certain controls so that the application developer can enable hyperlinks to be active even on display only pages. The property is accessible on the Use tab for the following supported controls: edit box, check box, radio button, drop-down list, image, long edit box.

5. A scrollable grid layout can be enabled by application developers where you can specify the grid layout style at the system level (PeopleTools Options page) and at the individual grid level. With the scrollable grid layout you can: enable horizontal and vertical scroll bars, frozen columns and column headers remain stationary, configure scrollable grids to display the horizontal and vertical scroll bars independently, grid scroll bars and grid tabs can be configured to work together or separately, navigate through cells by using the SHIFT+ ARROW keys, designate the number of rows to appear in the scrollable area, find the string in all tabs of the grid (search looks through all rows in the buffer), change the sort order of a grid column directly on the transaction page by clicking the column header, drag to resize the column directly on the transaction page, drag and drop columns to change column order.

6. GIF files are supported and no longer require an alternate image to display in Application Designer.

7. You can configure the long edit box control to use the CK Editor, a third party rich text editor, which is integrated into a standard PeopleTools installation. The Enable Rich Text property of the long edit box control provides you with a simple way to implement this rich text editor as part of any PIA page without the need for customization or special configurations.

8. For PeopleTools 8.50, there is a limit of 20 long character fields per record definition.

9. Application Designer’s compare features a new PSIDE.EXE command line option has been added enabling you to pass report filter options to PSIDE.EXE on the command line. The command line report filter options are equivalent to those displayed on the Report Filter tab on the Upgrade Options dialog box.

10. Application Designer’s compare features include the database name appearing above the column containing the information for that database, to make reading compare reports easier. For regular compare reports, this refers to the Source and Target columns, and for composite compare reports, this refers to the Old Release, New Release, and Customization columns.

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