Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To Implement Logout Confirmation in Peoplesoft

While clicking the logout button in peoplesoft usually it will not ask for confirmation unless if the page is unsaved.

To implement the Logout script.

Before doing this:- 1. Make sure you know javascript.
                             2. Understand the script and the purpose.
                             3. Take a backup before modifying any delivered script.
Follow -->

PT_SAVEWARNINGSCRIPT_3.js which exist in Webserver folder.

Note:- Take backup before modifying any delivered script.

Just add the following script in the function saveWarning

var logout_rtn = true;
logout_rtn = !confirm("Are you sure to Quit. Click OK to go back, or Cancel to continue.");

pseudo code: if logout_rtn = "OK"
                              then place the Save warning Confirmation code in this. (this code is in save warning functin itself)
                     else if it is cancel
                               then put the openurl function code in this.

I found this is the easiest way to do.

Take on!!!!!!!!!!!

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