Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peopletools 8.51 on VM Ware

Today, a bit of struggle installed Peopletools 8.51 and HRCS 9.1 on VM Ware..

Configuration on VM ware:-
HardDisk: 50GB
RAM: 1GB (out of my 3GB)

Windows XP SP3
Micrsoft SQL Server 2008
Weblogic 10.3.1
Tuxedo 10gR3PeopleTools 8.51 (3 Parts)
HRMS 9.1
Firefox 3.5x or IE7/8/9.

Overall the performance is good. the more performance I see after increasing my RAM 1GB to 1.5 GB.(2GB it is very good for to work)

Now the time to research...!!!!!!!!! :-)

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