Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Peoplesoft Installation on VM Ware

Now a days lot of abuz going on  for virtualization of operating systems - like virtual machines, cloud computing.etc.

So I thought let me try the new technlogy of virtual maachine using VM Ware on my machine.
Started googling for VM Ware: found very interesting.

What is VM Ware (in Simple): Its virtualisation of software to create seperate OS in the existing OS(windows 7 or any other) by sharing the physical devices(ram,usb,hard disk..etc).

1. Downloaded the VM Ware 7.x (Evaluation version) it comes around apprx550MB.
2. Installed the VM Ware on windows 7.
3. In the VM ware I've created a new virtual machine. So creating the virtual machine(VM) means, blank hard disk with no operating system. The size of the Virtual machine set to 25GB.The VM shares the RAM size. Let say I've total 3GB of RAM and I've assinged 1.5 GB of RAM to virtual machine and 1.5 GB to Windows 7.

4. Started installing windows XP on the virtual machine. Installed successfully.
5.For testing purpose installed Peopletools 8.49 and HCM 9.0 with SQL Server 2005 db.

Out of 25 GB the whole installation took 21 GB space.

its got worked!!!!! able to have different versions of peoplesoft in single machine for better R&D .

The  best advantage I see is the backup is very portable & we can expand the size of VM whenever required and we can even compact the size of VM.

This experience gave me the boost to further research on VM ware with Oracle 11g..Next couple of days..

Let's see how it goes..



BouCha2ra said...

I know it's too late to ask, but did you also install Peoplesoft's application? cz I'm trying to install both application and peopletools on a VM and I'm trying to know if it's possible.

Srinivas Reddy said...


I did both tools & application on VM ware. The performance in the VM depends on your db & hardware. if your db is MS Sql server & have 2 gb is sufficient to work. If its Oracle db its better to have more than 2gb of ram. Hope it helps.