Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trick:NA payroll : Pay Calculation for single employee

Like GP, NA payroll does not have option to run pay calculation for single/multiple employees'.

To run for specific employees in NA payroll, need to change the payline status. If any changes we made in online to paysheets then also it will trigger pay_line_status = 'U'

for eg: using below sql we can update the payline to - Job Chage.

  SET A.JOB_CHANGE = 'R'  where emplid ='XXXX' and pay_end_dt='DD-MON-YYYY'.

after updating the payline status, run pay calculation by selecting the option  below.


jay1970 said...

Thanks for the tip. I miss Global Payroll sometimes :)

Jimmie Menon said...

Thanks for this information. Can we change the program with the current (and changing) salary payment norms of the company? Isn't the program lacking any factor which is used to calculate the salary?

Thanks in advance!
Jimmie Menon
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