Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Workaround :Overtime FLSA calculation Empl on multiple companies-NA payroll (till PS 9.1)

If empl is working on multiple companies peoplesoft (till 9.1 versions) does not calculate overtime FLSA as employee level & It calculates company level.

We had a requirement to calculate FLSA employee level.

After some analysis over changing the COBOL we found the FLSA calculation & but its quite risky to touch COBOL & time taking procedure.

So a workaround to achieve this, we have created custom appengine it will run after payroll calculation.

The main custom AE function is, to calculate the overtime based on FLSA by combining multiple company paylines(earnings). 

The Final amount paid by the employee is Diff between the Custom AE overtime amt  and overtime amount which calculated by Peoplesoft

AE contains two parts.

     1. Without prior period adjustment 

     2. With Prior adjustments (most complex part). 



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