Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Resovled:]Bugs in Portal Related Content Service PeopleTools 8.51

When working with Portal Related Content Service with PSQuery found couple of bugs.

1. If PS query has input parameters & when defining a service for Related Content click on Populate Parameters. Its populates the parameters but will not able to save page with below error. The is a known issue to Oracle & Oracle fixed this issue PeopleTools 8.51.15 but I am not aware of what's the fix is.

Fetching array element 2: index is not in range 1 to 1. (180,252) PTCSSERVICES.GBL.SavePostChange  PCPC:676  Statement:7 .

 Resolution1: We can manully enter parameters insteads of clicking the button.  
 Resolution2: With this change you can click populate parameter button  to puplated parameters

                  added the below code (in bold letters)  to existing peoplecode in PTCSSERVICES.savePostChange

 Local array of string &vals = Split(&params_del [&i], ":");
 Local boolean &found = False;


 If &vals.Len >= 2 Then             !Added inorder to fix delivered bug
         If Not &found Then

                   PTCS_PARAMETERNAME = :2", &vals [1], &vals [2]);


2. When trying to link PS Query to component basically will map key values on search record to PS Query input values. But if component search record keys are in subrecord & we will not be able to map keys to PS/query. for example : Saving Plan page in HCM (Benefits > Enroll in Benefits >Saving Plan).

Resolution:Inorder to fix this issue we modified the peoplecode to look at psrecfieldall table instead of psrecfield table in Related Content.

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