Monday, June 18, 2012

PSQuery Drill Down in PeopleSoft 9.1

Oracle has introduced new feature from PeopleTools 8.50 inorder to help users to navigate from PSQuery results to a particular PS Page , External page , Query  or attachment.

To Link PS Query results to particular component follow below steps:

1. Create a New Expression & Expression type as Drilldown URL

2. Click on the Component URL to select the particular component you want to link.
       1. Select component
       2. Click on search keys button to see the search key values for the component.
       3.  List of search keys for particular component
       4. Select the fields from ps query to map the component fields
       5. Select the fields which you want to provide a link in ps/query

 3. Final output PS Query result below. Click on the link below it will open a new window with the selected component.

    Security: If the user doesn't have security to the target component. it will end up showing not authorized message.

Similarly you can link query with antoher query or external URL and attachement.

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