Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PT8.49 Sending Mail using PT_MCF_MAIL doesn't validate the wrong mail addresses

PT_MCF_MAIL: send() function doesn't validate the wrong mail address'es

import PT_MCF_MAIL:*;

Local PT_MCF_MAIL:MCFOutboundEmail &email = create PT_MCF_MAIL:MCFOutboundEmail();
&email.Recipients = ""; /*mail id syntax is correct but domain( is a wrong domain*/
&email.From = "";
&email.BCC = "";
&email.Subject = "Sample";
&email.ReplyTo = "";
&email.ContentType = "text/html";
&res = &email.Send();
WinMessage("Mail Sent " | &res , 0);

I am passing wrong Recipients mail id. when we run this still its &email.Send(); returns 1 (success).. and doesn't capture the %ObEmail_NotDelivered exception.

in Peopletools 8.50 there is a function isDomainNameValid needs to check how this function works..@not at the moment..

from Metalink
In PT8.50 we have a new function called isdomainavailable to check if the email address's domain is valid or not. It pings DNS server to validate email addresses. Other than that, there is no other ways. Development has stated that Java mail on the outgoing server does not check for invalid address of TO address while sending an email. It just checks for the correct format of email address.
If you consider to upgrade to PT8.50, this issue can be resolved.


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Durga Prasad said...

in the data mover i found this syntax? what is the meaning of this sysntax ?