Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SendMail() vs MCFOutBoundEmail() Emailing Functions

1. Is the MCFOutBoundEmail() function better than SendMail() function?

As of PT 8.49.13, PeopleSoft began using javamail via Multi Channel Framwork (MCF) to send emails, as javamail is fully SMTP Protocol compliant to RFC 821/822. The MCFOutBoundEmail() function is fully compliant, whereas SendMail() function uses PeopleSoft's basesmtp.cpp, and has been found to not be fully compliant with SMTP Protocol RFC 821/822. Therefore, the recommendation is to replace use of SendMail, with MCFOutBoundEmail function.

2. How does this function send email? is it SMTP? Yes, MCFOutBoundEmail sends email fully complant to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

3. Where is SMTP Server & Port configured? MCFOutBoundEmail() function uses the SMTP section of the Application Server's psappsrv.cfg file, and Process Scheduler's SMTP section of the psprcs.cfg file, just as the SendMail() function does. No special configuration is required for the MCFOutboundEmail() function to work.

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